Dioscorea opposita

Test and comparison under the same conditions, the dioscorea planting can increase the yield by more than 1 time than the normal planting. The seedlings that were planted in advance were slower than those grown in the saplings. It took about 7 days to grow new shoots among the leaves and leaves, and then slowly formed the main stem. Because the direction of the water and organic nutrients absorbed by the roots of the transporting tissue in the stem is reversed, the transport speed of the roots is slowed down, so that a large amount of organic nutrients are accumulated in the roots, so that the main stem on the ground grows slowly, which is beneficial to the expansion of the potato wedges. The specific method is: cut the top two or three stems of the potato stem, then cut into two or three nodes, and cut the petioles and leaves of the first or second section of the potato. Keep the petiole and leaf blade of the lowermost section of the stem and plant it on the upper ridge. It is advisable to leave the pedestal at the base of the petioles. The seedling distance is generally about 14 cm.

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