Carrot mud storage

Dip carrots in the mud, remove them and put them in a wooden box or basket to dry them. After about 2 days, put them into a closed mud shell. Then put the wooden boxes or baskets in a cold room or a pre-prepared shed. In storage, room temperature or cellar temperature must be maintained at 0-l°C. In doing so, carrots do not sprout, do not worry, and are well preserved.

According to the medicinal part, we called the kind that use herb leaf to process Chinese Medicinal Herbs Leaf. A leaf is an organ of a vascular plant and is the principal lateral appendage of the stem.Leaves can have many different shapes, sizes and textures.As a important part of the plant, it still plays an important role in herbal medicine area. We use the most professional and scientific way to do the panting and process so as to get the top quality traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese Medicinal Herbs Leaf

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