Carp cage culture technology

1 Water quality requirements The quality of cage cultured carp must be fresh, rich in dissolved oxygen, and the transparency should be more than 30cm. The culture water should be micro-flowing, leeward and sunny, suitable for fish life and growth. 2 Variety Requirements and Sources There are many varieties of carp. According to the record of Hunan Fishery, there are 7 species of carp in the Dongting Lake area, of which only 2 species have higher aquaculture value, ie, Acrocephalus and Bigeye. Acrocephalus and bigeyes have the fastest growth rates and are ideal breeding species. Therefore, in the cage culture, you must choose the mouth and big eyes, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired economic benefits. There are two sources of carp species: one is to fish from rivers and lakes, and the other is artificial breeding and breeding of seedlings. 3 Feed requirements and solutions In the natural ecological environment, carp feeds live fish. In order to solve the problem of bait feed, some localized catfish eat dead bait. According to the author's observation, the carp eats dead bait, is only in the case of very hungry before feeding, basically can only maintain the basal metabolism of carp, and the food waste is large, uneconomical. The author believes that it is better to put on a robust live bait. In addition to fishing in natural waters, live baits rely mainly on artificial breeding, that is, the use of breeding ponds for high-density fish breeding, and then gradually thinning, catching big stay and small, to solve the catfish palatable feed. 4 cage requirements and installation of cages to raise catfish is best to use a small size, high-density form, specifications are generally 3m3m2.5m or 2m2m2.5m. This box body water convection fast, easy to operate. Underwear mesh 1.5cm, coat mesh 5cm, cover net mesh 5cm. The cages are installed in places where there is micro-flowing water, which is sunny and leeward. Use bamboo, oil drums or foam as a floating frame to open the net. Box distance above 1m, row spacing above 10m. 5 Fish Into the Box Under normal circumstances, 50g/tail catfish species can be boxed. Before entering the box, cages must be launched two weeks in advance, especially the new cages, so that the nets to produce green moss, etc., in order to avoid nets and fish. When entering the box, you must move the net to the shore, carefully check the internal and external net clothing, whether there is a hole, slip knot, sewing department is too thin, etc., to ensure that the species do not escape. At the same time, the sturgeon species were disinfected with 1 g/? malachite green and 30-40 g/L salt in the lower cage. 6 Stocking densities Each tank can be stocked with 10 to 50 tail fish species, which is a waste of cages. It is possible to use cod, herring, and red snapper in cages for salmon farming. One can clear the box, and second, increase fish production. The squid can remove the green moss and weeds from the box, and the herring can remove the snails that climb on the box. The red squid can be used as a marker fish for cages while removing omnivorous food. 7 Feeding Baits must be fed live fish that can be fed 3 to 5 days at a time. Under normal circumstances, there is ample supply of bait fish to avoid the appearance of food strays. In the case of a carp whose weight is almost equal, the control of feeding can be used to control the growth of the carp in order to sell carp in the best selling season. 8 Routine management 8.2 The patrolman usually observes the growth of squid at the cage twice a day, morning and evening. If there is any disease, check the cage for holes, etc., identify problems and resolve them in time. 8.3 Fish Diseases Prevention of diseases of carp is less, as long as the fish species are disinfected when the fish species are in the box, fish disease will basically not occur. Take note of the following points when preventing and controlling. 8.3.1 The premedication must identify the type of fish disease before the next drug, according to the disease, the right medicine, otherwise it is invalid. 8.3.2 The best way to use the drug is to hang a hanging bag or a hanging bag. The dose can be increased by a small amount. Because, with the convection of water bodies, the loss of drugs is greater. The second is to concentrate the squid on the corner of the cage and use a plastic sac membrane to separate the fish from the corner of the tank and bathe it. However, it must be operated strictly according to the instructions of the medicine; otherwise, it is easy for dead fish to happen. 9 Timely catching of goods The requirements for body weight of squid are relatively strict. Under normal circumstances, carp is within 0.4 to 0.75 kg and the carp is called standard carp. Otherwise, the carp is called the carp exceeding the standard price. More than times. Therefore, timely harvesting of carp by weight is the key to higher economic efficiency. In ordinary daily management, the growth of squid must be known in time, and according to the market conditions, the method of controlling feeding should be adopted to adjust the growth rate of squid so as to obtain maximum economic benefits. According to the situation of our breeding, the general input-output ratio of cage-raised carp is above 1:2.5 and the economic benefit is relatively high. However, those who want to grow must be carefully considered. Only when they meet the above conditions and master the above aquaculture techniques, can they be cultured, and they should not be blind and obstinate. Otherwise, the possibility of failure is greater.

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