Analysis of the development trend of medical semiconductor technology and market

In the next 10 years, with the help of medical electronic devices, it will be possible to develop traditional medical care methods for early diagnosis and prevention of diseases. According to experts from the 2008 China International Medical Electronics Technology Conference, as China's GDP grows year by year, investment in personal medical electronic equipment is expected to grow by more than 10%. At the conference, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Xilinx, Altera, NI, Actel and others introduced their latest semiconductor solutions for medical electronics.

Looking ahead, the development of electronic technology has made it possible to realize the realization of “paperless” hospitals. In hospitals, digital patient information can be easily accessed through a variety of network devices, and the “holistic treatment solution” of the expert system will be one of the main trends driving the growth of the healthcare electronic device market.

In digital hospitals, digital medical records will enable doctors to access patient information from anywhere, and healthcare providers don't have to wait a few days to get X-rays from the lab because the images of digital X-ray machines can be instantly captured and Analyze. To this end, all diagnostic devices are networked through the network, and all patient information (CT slices, X-rays, etc.) can be transmitted to the data storage server for immediate access. This trend will drive medical electronics suppliers to develop interoperable imaging devices with a consistent user interface. In fact, each vendor is not only providing diagnostic equipment, but also providing data storage servers and service software.

These new trends will lead the development of the medical electronics industry, which means that better and faster diagnostic equipment can be used to connect patients to the healthcare system for early disease diagnosis and treatment. This is the vision of the development of medical electronics and the reasons for its enormous growth potential.

At the 2008 China International Medical Equipment Fair, medical electronic devices are mainly divided into testing, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and preventive health care. The market presents ultrasound/imaging equipment, personal medical equipment , and automatic external defibrillation equipment. The bio-medical electronic devices, medical and health electronic devices, etc., the three-dimensional and four-dimensional display and its equipment have become the highlights of the Expo with colorful colors. Various types of endoscopes are realized by photoelectric detection technology. People lament the magic of the micro world.

After watching the dazzling new products, people want to know which semiconductor technologies support the technology and market development of medical electronic devices. This is also the focus of readers of the 2008 China International Medical Electronics Technology Conference. Table 1 shows the market share and ranking of global medical semiconductor device suppliers given by Databeans.

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