Agricultural machinery winter protection technology

(1) Do a good job of freezing the farm machinery. In order for the winter machine to enter the shed and the car to enter the warehouse, if there is no warehouse and it is necessary to park in an open space, the locomotive shall be parked southwards and covered with a tarpaulin. The cooling water should be drained every day when the work is shut down.
(2) Do a good job in fire prevention of agricultural machinery. Use diesel fuel below 0, otherwise it will freeze in winter. Don't use an open flame when refueling, to prevent the drum from hurting or causing a fire. It is difficult to start the diesel engine in the winter and it is not possible to grill the oil pan with an open flame. Fill the water tank with hot water, increase the temperature, and shake the engine a few times with a hand crank. After the diesel engine heats up and the oil pressure rises, start again. Do not use The open fire was started from the intake pipe to prevent the locomotive from burning out.
(3) Do a good job of anti-skid work on agricultural machinery. Tractors and agricultural vehicles should generally be equipped with snow chains or triangular wood when driving in winter. Driving in snow and ice can sprinkle some sand and dirt on the ice and snow roads. The speed should be properly controlled. The brakes should be driven slowly. The turning angle should be as large as possible, and the car should pay attention to choosing a safe place.
(4) Do a good job of anti-theft and anti-rust work on farm machinery. In winter, it is necessary to collect water pumps, water pipes and various agricultural implements, apply anti-rust oil, and perform maintenance on diesel engines. Do not put them in the wild. Large-scale public irrigation equipment should do so. It should be specifically responsible and properly kept by the personnel to prevent theft. .

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